Netgear Orbi satellite not connecting to the router is one of the most common issues that Orbi users are having a hard time with. If you are amongst those users, then congratulations! You’ve landed on the right post. Continue reading to learn how to get rid of the Orbi satellite not connecting to router issue.

Reasons Why Orbi Satellite is Not Connecting to Router

Not knowing the reason behind the Orbi satellite not connecting to the router issue leaves most users frustrated. To ensure that you don’t end up getting bugged off than you already are, we’ve mentioned below some of the common reasons why your Orbi satellite is refusing to connect to the router:

  • The distance between your Netgear Orbi satellite and WiFi router is too much.

  • Your Netgear Orbi router is not running on an updated firmware version.

  • You haven’t pressed the Sync button on your Netgear Orbi satellite.

  • The Sync button on either of your Orbi WiFi devices is damaged.

  • Your Orbi satellite is surrounded by electronic devices and metal objects.

Now that you know why your Orbi devices are not syncing, follow the steps mentioned below to get rid of the issue once and for all.

Solved: Netgear Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to Router

  • Press the Sync Button

Before you get down to any other troubleshooting step, ensure that you’ve pressed the Sync button on your Orbi router as well as satellite. Many times users forget to press the Sync button and complaint about not being able to connect their devices. Let’s hope you are not making the same mistake. On the off chance, if you are, then rectify it right away!

  • Place the Orbi Satellite Near the Router

Sometimes, too much distance between your Netgear Orbi satellite and router can also prevent your WiFi devices from syncing. Thus, make sure that your devices are placed in close proximity. To be on the safer side, it is recommended that you place your Orbi devices away from thick concrete walls and corners.

  • Update the Firmware

An outdated firmware can also stop your Netgear Orbi satellite from connecting to the router. For any device to work properly, updating the firmware is a must. Therefore, make sure you update the firmware of your Orbi router as soon as possible.

Here are the steps that’ll help you update your Orbi WiFi device:

  • Launch a web browser on your computer.

  • Access to log into your Netgear Orbi device.

  • Click on the Firmware Update button under the Advanced option.

After updating the firmware of your Netgear Orbi router, try to sync your Orbi devices. Any success? No? Well, then keep reading.

  • Check the Sync Button on Both Devices

Another reason why your Orbi satellite is not connecting to router is because the Sync button on one of your devices is broken, due to which you aren’t able to sync them. So, check the Sync button on both your WiFi devices. If the Sync button is broken even on one of your devices, then get it fixed immediately!

  • Perform Factory Default Reset

If you have to take the help of this troubleshooting step, then it means that nothing has worked so far for you in fixing the issue. But, worry not! At least, you still have one more shot to fix the issue.

Here are the instructions you need to follow to reset your Netgear Orbi:

  • Open up a new tab in your web browser and access the orbilogin page.

  • Go to Settings > Advanced and click on the Erase button.

  • Give your device a minute or two to get restored to the default mode.

Summing Up

This was all about how to get rid of the Netgear Orbi satellite not connecting to the router issue. Let’s hope that the steps mentioned in this guide helped you fix the issue you were facing with your Orbi device.

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